Saturday, December 7, 2019

Designer Con 2019

 Tis the season for eating all of the things. All of them.
Gain happy pounds. And then make new years resolutions to lose them again. But for now, we just eat. And let me tell you... all of the weight I lost, and the progress I was making towards my old weight... gone. LOL. I'm not nearly as bad as I was, but uh.... OH WELL.

This is a must have, first of all.

Growing up, this was a must in our household around the holidays. We didn't mess around. And now, because of that, when I see this... I buy it and eat it out of the box like some kind of feral... thing. Just rip shreds of bread off and stuff my face. It's the closest I'll ever get to nirvana.I'm not even trying to be funny. As I rip a huge piece of bread out of the box, and stuff it into my face, all I feel is tranquility.

Also, we had a get together at a coworker's place for a late Halloween thing. And I wanted to make cute dessert. And this was the leftovers of it.
So, there's this flan custard thing called crema volteada in Peru. When my mom made it, it was like, special. So... because it was for a Halloween thing, I added black food coloring. And it came out really good, it's just.... it looked like Old God viscera. At least the remains did. And.. we saved the leftovers and my bf had to eat it all because I forgot to take them with me. Whooooops

My housemate had recently gotten a bat shaped cookie cutter, so I cut out a bunch of cute little bats.

It was fun ^_^

das Buddy. He haas a bat face :]
my lipstick is messed up

Housemate saw chickens and got them for our little Halloween town. They fit right in.

So an awesome thing at work is that not only are there doggos and kitties, but also RATS :D
But like, pet rats. Not... infestation. That's weird. ANYWAY

Someone brought her pet rats because they had to go to the vet for their check up.
Astarte is the chubby one (who is now on a diet), and Borea is the little grey baby with a poop.
They're so cuuuuute I want rat friends T_T

Autumn is great.
I'm down with night time. If Alaska had awesome food joints and cool places to work, I'd totally move there. Everything looks so good at night. And it's quiet.

D E S I G N E R  C O N  |  2 0 1 9

Out of all of the kinds of cons I go to, Designer Con is the.. the greatest con. of all time. Ever.

I'm not sure exactly how old Designer con is, but this was my 2nd year attending. And... everything there just makes me so fucking happy lol.

For starters... what is it?

Designers, from various disciplines of art, come to showcase their work; Sculptures, statues, scrolls, art books, and of course their vinyl art toys. 
While I see tons of incredible art at comic, anime, and horror conventions- 90% of it is of some company's IPs. At Designer Con, everything is original, and a look into the expressions of all kinds of talent. There are artists who even create off of other artists. For example, Dunny pieces are crazy. customizable vinyls that artists render into their own.... thingies.

My absolute favorite artist is Tokyo Jesus. There are no words that justify... like just... the gorgeous. that emanates from his work. In my eyes. The last one is one of his many renditions of Kidrobot's Dunny toy.

Image result for tokyo jesus" Image result for tokyo jesus"
one day, I'm gonna just... litter my place with his stuff.
It's actually because of him that I learned about Designer Con

And.. for someone who likes to collect and make miniature clay sculptures, it's all amazing to take in.
I get inspired, and also meet some artists whose work I crazy admire. And maybe buy a few things to support them.
The downside, some collectibles are a pretty penny. But ... what's the difference between that and a painting? Not much, really. All things considered. Just a different medium. You're still supporting the artist, and have cool stuff in your house. Win win.

This booth was amazing. Consider the time that went into designing and creating the house backdrop and the fence, in addition to their merch. I love the passion!

This dude! Was so good to see him up and about hustlin again. 
Slay em boiiii

So this booth....
She uses real eggs.
I can't fathom how she even begins working on one, or where she acquires so much of her props, and I regrettably can't buy all of them, but wow. "Impressive" doesn't cover it. By the way, the blue one at the top was gone when when came back around the second time.
One day!

and I want one the grey one so bad lol. I almost impulse bought it last year.

OH. So we were just ... walking down the aisles. Looking around... browsing stuff. When I glanced at this lonely Pikachu standing on a rack. But something was off about it

I can't tell you
How much we laughed. He sculpted that thing with toothpicks. We were cracking up- it's the ugliest little... lolol ugh . but
then he told me, at other conventions when he'd have "Trumpachu" on his table, people who walked by would purposely knock it over. Just smack it quick as they walked by. ??

I was so mad for him. And now he puts it somewhere out of reach....

But man... like.. how, miserable and insecure does someone have to be to see everything in life, even a toy, so negatively and threatening? To where it's impossible to leave their house without getting upset enough that being RUDE and knocking over a complete stranger's art piece is an OK thing to do? like... what?

It's not that deep, but it is. Agreeable; it shouldn't be that deep. Because it's stupid. Yet... here we are.

The dumbest thing... and irrelevant if I'm being real here, he thinks Trump is an idiot. But... irrelevant. Even if he worshiped Trump, it doesn't give anyone the right to touch his things.

Look the other way. Walk away. Breathe. LAUGH. ... anything besides violate someone's physical, tangible space. Or just don't leave your house, honestly lol idk what to say

Moving along, look at this dude;
I didn't even mean to take it as he was doing that, I just spotted her and snapped a quick shot as we passed her. Lo and behold, a Henry, surprising no one.

I've seen this person's art before on the internet. It's such a trip.

Tokyo Jesus

These are SO cute

Someone asked "where's Picard"

Like, oh my god....

I want all of these. ALL of them. Everywhere in my house. They're. all. so. beautiful T__________T

So cute. Chueh makes a lot of cute stuff with his bears.

Dunnies in a row

There were some cosplayers this year! I loved it! Going as Luke Chueh's Boba Fett crossed my mind, but in the end decided against it. I regret it now lol.

I'll wear it next year probably. But wanna remake the drink prop. Probably cosplay another thing from another artist. That's gonna be a thing for me moving forward. I wanna start cosplaying characters from various mediums. And kinda get away from the pop culture stuff for now. There are many incredible fans that bring all those characters to life, but the more I get into discovering artists on other mediums, the more I wanna rep for them. And the best way I can do that, aside from purchasing their things, is to also cosplay their creations.

so good lol
Sisters that work together to make these. And honestly, this whole booth and them gave me hxc Switchblade Symphony vibes.


OKAY. This chick... was nestled in this little booth. Hard to spot at first because surrounding her are these other booths with giant wracks and shelves and all that shit. But her drawings SPOKE TO ME from 76587234297 booths away.
I charged over to her table and awkwardly oogled at her stuff while she helped another customer. And ... yeah I bought stickers only because I had already spent too much on other stuff. But they're on my laptop. And they've gotten many compliments at work. Stopped people dead in their tracks as they walk by.


Retro cartoon styles are coming back in full force. fucking

uwu so cyoo

so lol
this dude in the sunglasses, 
stops me as we're walking by. Instantly says. "i can tell you're into stuff like this. just take a look and tell me if i'm wrong. but i have a feeling"

At first, he went to hand me Junti Ito's art book. I appreciated the gesture and told him, lightheartedly, that I already have and read all of his books.
So he hands me another art book. This one a little more provocative than Ito's unnerving images.


He read me like an open fucking BOOK. And Chicken ended up getting me an art book from them because I'm a sucker, and the art in the book is beautiful. And it will be on our coffee table. And people might find it offputting, or cute, or both. idgaf.

He also told me about an event that he curates in LA that I may find to my liking. 


It's like Designer Con, but niche. So basically, all the weird macabre and dark stuff I like? That. All of that.

He did me good. I'm glad he stopped us, even though I hate when people do that lol.

and online it's like 89576984792857 more. Oh well. I'll get one eventually. But... cute right!?!?

I met Tokyo Jesus again. T_T

His booth was completely sold out of everything. Same thing happened last year. VIPs got priority and cleared him out. That's awesome for him though :D 

And he remembered me later, online T_T 
I couldn't talk to him because he was mid conversation with someone else *that happened a lot this time, I noticed.*
So I just let him know his stuff was beautiful and left. 
But he recognized me online uwu

As awesome as this con is, I only go one day. I'm not about to go broke for toys. I had to give Chicken my wallet LOL. He doesn't like to make me sad but this time, it was necessary. Otherwise I would've been upset the next day.

Their first time attending, and they loved it. 

Thanks for trusting me :D
I wouldn't drag you to trash lol

Ah, here are the loots!

man, that hoodie was really really cheap. BUT IT'S SO NICE AND SOFT!?
When he told me the price I was like RU FOREAL he was like yah, and he was so sweet and a quiet boy. So I got it. Obviously also because I really like his art.

An image from the art book.

My laptop is beautiful now. I've more stickers but dunno what to do with them for now. Maybe share the love!

Image result for hermit tarot card"
A while ago I saw someone at work wearing this. Thought it was the coolest thing. If you're unfamiliar, the hermit is the tarot card for Virgo, my sign. I really like tarot and learned the Spanish tarot through my mom. But still I'm also really into traditional tarot too. So when I saw the artist had a booth there, I jumped at the opportunity to don his shirt. Unfortunately, Chicken's tarot card wasn't there. He's an earth sign, too. We'll try again next year!

It's December already. Time flees. It's unreal. Doesn't even feel like it's been a whole year already. Or rather, the beginning of the year feels extremely far away. I don't know.

But... this year has been nothing but wonderful. The bumps in the road have been good for learning and growing. I reflect and appreciate those moments with wiser fondness.

I reach out to an old friend who I think.. just life... happened for both of us, and we grew apart. But we're finally gonna reconnect again this week. I miss our stupid times together. Also I'm an idiot and texted the wrong number. Thought that only happened in movies and memes.

And with that, I end it here. I hope this won't be my last post of the year. Idk, it might be. But maybe not?

Um last thing. I found myself at my old campus few weeks ago. Gotta finish up a degree I left off at.