Friday, September 25, 2020

Mufasa MUFASa

PlayStation 5 already. Damn. Heads will roll. Our heads will roll with not only Demon Souls, but Sackboy as well. Because balance. Y'know? 
I remember an old roommate playing Demon Souls when it came out. He would turn red, and breathe really hard through his teeth, and swear, and get scary. No offense to him, but I think it took seeing that behavior to like, download some kind of software update in my personality to never behave that way in response to anger, like ever. It looked so... primitive...
That day, I made sure that when I raged, I would rage like a proper Lady. Now when I'm angry, I flare my nostrils and inhale deeply, to feed the colossal disappointment growing in my lungs, hold my breath, glare at the corner of my monitor, and gurgle my whole life source out like a bitch. 

Rage like a Lady, that's what I always say. Saves money on controllers and keyboards -potentially monitors ,too.

Pity the fool who breaks his new PS5 controller trying to get through Demon Souls. 
You know how cats give you a warning hiss when you're about to fuck up? I do that with Chicken. He's a silent rager, which I appreciate. Loudness is just impolite. But when I sense him peaking, hissing "Cheeeeeeeeeekeeennnnggggg" seems to work. We'll have him raging like a Lady soon enough.

Remember folks. Demons Souls doesn't have to be 7 controllers. It can be 1. Just 1. 1 happy little controller. Who is your friend. Your expensive friend. Ok? :)

LAST FRIDAY, it was friday. Which mean we all gained more weight.

It's awful, we've been eating so much on the weekends that now we all have to readjust our weekly meals lmao

"Who's ready to get their panties ripped?"
Happy Friday indeed

Homdre prepared his Pehfect Buhgah
Unfortunately, Brother Lifa wasn't here to review it, but we're left with the fond memory of his first impression: "I wanna sew my asshole shut so it stays with me forever"

Smurr and his fur child, Rennie. Homdre thinks she looks like Ed [hyena]

Rennie loves Chicken though. I think he's her favorite uncle. She won't leave his side.


We got into Villanous pretty heavy. It's REALLY fun.

The newest expansion has Pete! From the original black and white cartoons! It's such a cool design


My Disney husbando!!!!


I've been playing a lot of Classic WoW lately. And I had made a friend. Like, someone to play with- like back in the day. It felt nostalgic and really fun because that's the charm that WoW had for me in vanilla.
There was a group I joined for a dungeon, and noticed someone in the chat was saying they didn't understand what was being said. Eventually, they said they were a Chinese player, trying to learn English through playing with English speakers. That was so cool I thought, because I'm studying to learn Chinese! So we bonded through that. Got to learn about where they lived and interests, etc. I even thought it was kind of funny/endearing when they asked me if I was white lol. It's refreshing to talk to foreign peeps because they're more straightforward.
And then, we got into traveling- I mentioned that my partner is Taiwanese and he asked what that mess of symbols were. Confused, I asked him to reiterate, he said he couldn't see the word after "my partner is ......" I couldn't believe it- kind of ;

So I typed it out in a way that the system didn't detect it as one word.
This came to me as a surprise. I mean, it's not surprising, but seeing it first hand as opposed to hearing about it just hit different. Chicken's nationality is censored in China and it just... like, idk how hard I wanna roll my eyes back because they might just get stuck that way probably forever.



I also learned that in order for anyone in China to even just visit the US, they have to go to the embassy and present in person- and that's only necessary to travel to the US. Every other country is fine tho. 
We also talked about nepotism in politics. But we don't have to get into that.

I'll also mention that his pet was named after a political figure that made everyone in the group laugh. And we later ran into another player who also named their pet after another political figure. And um, it was too funny to not capture.

Everything was going really well, we were leveling and knocking quests out and enjoying the content. Until he said, "it feels like I'm in love again"

TLDR: Told him that can't happen, logged out, unfriended him and that was that. I was bummed, but I'm over it. Was fun tho.

Did Chicken know about him? duh

But what I enjoy quite a bit is that every now and then, I'll run into some super random lols

Thanks for the lols Eresh, and good luck.

Speaking of random, Chicken impulse bought an espresso machine. Because "you miss work."

:       )
It's actually really nice. Someone from work was selling it for half of what it's worth. So we went over and picked it up from them. It was good to see them after so long ^_^

"This is good design. Wanna know why? Because it's designed so that people won't YANK ON THE CORD AND BREAK IT"
He got triggered while simultaneously reveling in the industrial design on the plug.

Once it was all set up, I immediately went at it.
I'm rusty, but it was cute. The idea of having our own little espresso station at home is just... so.. omg it's so cute uwu

Also our plants are groowwiing. I finally took the venus fly trap out of its bottle and planted it. Her name is Meemers. And I'm so looking forward to letting her eat all of the piece of shit insects I catch trying to eat my petunias when I leave them outside next summer.

Chicken also got new lights for the plants,
that he can control through his phone...

They're so cyoo

Long story short, I got a groupon for an adjustment because my back/neck/shoulders are all kinds of shit from working and gaming setup. So I went to this place, they were super nice but essentially didn't help and bruised my spine. I'm small, and what he did was too pro. So, I went to this other place that Chicken went to when I got him a groupon a while back. Turns out, the place he had gone to is frequented by a lot of people from work! And it's like... really good. So, I got a groupon lol to go to that place. It was for 2 adjustments and one massage. 

I left there feeling amazing. His diagnoses was "you're a train wreck" which... yeah I feel like it. But it was crazy how like... when you get up.. your blood feels like... it just got aerated and is all frothy and light. You almost feel high, like your muscles are full of air. It's insane. And then the following day I had an appointment for a massage.


She did the suction cup thing on my back.

There were places I didn't even know were messed up that she alleviated. Which in turn was an overall catharsis for like... everything. It's amazing. I had one massage done at Burk Williams a while back, but it was different. She just did the traditional thing where they massage your back. This person just jammed her finger into trigger points and places that were tense and like, glided over the area concentrated with toxins until the muscles released. It was just different but really really cool. I kept giggling and turning into Owen Wilson going "ohwaaaaaaoooooow" when something really stung. She kept cracking up. It was enjoyable overall, despite the pain.

My last appointment is next week, and I decided to just get treatment there for another 6 months. YAY!

ANIME TUESDAY was actually an excuse to eat, drink, and play more Villanous.

"What if Jafar met Ariel when she was speechless"

Our little coffee station is so cyoo omg

I got a bunch of syrups from the bux thanks to super generous peeps. These syrups were... rehomed. Not for resale of course! So... yknow. But now I've just been making sbux drinks at home :D
That pumpkin spice tho.... mmm! So yummyyyyyy :D

And just for funsies, Chicken wanted to try some dark Kona coffee. We've had Kona before in Hawai'i. Super yummy. Now we can have it brewed or in espresso drinks eeeeee! ^_^

The cherry on top was the last minute knock bucket purchase lol. He felt we could do better than walking to the trash and knocking the espresso in there- nope. Needed a knock bucket. There it is. I will say tho... it's nice and convenient. And easier to gather compost for our garden! ^_^

I've gotten into the habit of publishing my posts on Thursday nights when midnight hits. It's technically Friday... so it counts as a Friday publish. But sometimes I don't, because things happen. My goal was to publish every friday. I'm still going to do so, but this is why I didn't last night.

Villainous is SO MUCH FUN
And it's different every time! Getting all the expansions was the best idea ever because part of the fun in it is deciding which villain you wanna play, and then learning their kit. If someone else plays a villain that you've played before, you can kinda have the upper hand if you remember how they play. But there are so many villains with different kits that it gets jumbled and and and and... it's like... it's just crazy. And fun. I love it.

While listening to Disney songs, Homdre suggested we come up with a drink named Mufasa Mufasa so that when you get it, you say the name, take a sip of it, and it makes you shudder.

Disney and Vodka:

They put on a Disney playlist and started dancing and moshing to Disney songs.

The jollyest dudes I've laid eyes on in a long time

I think a lot of this was from Moana lmao

This is Homdre when he's about to tell you why something doesn't work because it's not GOOD.

"Mulan is RUINED. In the animation she was courageous and skilled and trained to be GOOD, look at her she worked hard and got good because she was GOOD. Now they just gave her skywalker MAGIC- oh she was born with Chi she can do EVERYTHING because of her CHI without it she's just SHIT. WHAT IS THAT"

We haven't watched it, and I didn't know about the Chi thing. And yeah that's pretty shit. Because she got good by her own merit in the animation as opposed to just being born with some magic force shit? that would otherwise render her incapable of training with the men in the army if she wasn't born with it? PRETTY WHACK IF YOU ASK ME.

Homdre has a lot of opinions about what's good and not good that are just generally hilarious tangents.

I think this was during Lion King


And then the special lights came on, and then we were all tired lol. Uncle Vodka made them dance too much.

Pre-friday was lit.

The burrito fairy showed up. He tends to show up with breakfast burritos for us the next morning, it's a total mystery. I'm beginning to suspect Lifa. This evening, he brought Carl's Jr. The double agent!

LATE POST IS LATE. But all is well. Nyl texted me asking if I had gotten anything this year from Michael's for my spooky stuff because everything was already on sale. Sooooooooooooo.... after Chicken and I stopped by campus for something, we went to Michael's.


I got a few little things, but will check back later.

And now it's Friday evening. The guys are downstairs watching Food Wars eating Carl's Jr. 
Tomorrow is a very special day. I'm so so so happy. Especially after some stuff Chicken and I talked about last night.

Tomorrow marks the 3 year anniversary of Chicken and I as romantic partners. It's not a super long time, but it's comfortable. There's a lot I want to say, but frankly don't feel that I need to. Everything has been incredible, he makes me happy, we're chillin, focused on our goals, supporting each other, and that's the TLDR ^_^

And everyone else chasing their goals and dreams. GET IT. DO THE THING.

and wear a mask while you're at it :D